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Digital Download Archery Targets

Our free downloadable archery targets are a great resource for archers of all levels, whether you’re just starting out or you’re an experienced competitor. With 12 different crosshair designs to choose from, you can find the perfect target to suit your needs and help you improve your skills. Each target is designed to be printed out and stuck to a certified archery target, ensuring that you have a safe and secure backstop in place.

The targets are formatted in a 1:141 ratio, which makes it easy to print them on a variety of paper sizes. This means that you can print them out on standard paper sizes like A4, A3, and A1, making it convenient for you to use at home or at your local archery range.

Our targets are perfect for target practice, competitions, and more. Each target features a unique design, including traditional crosshairs, and some with more of a twist. This makes it easy to find a target that you enjoy shooting at, and that will help you to improve your skills.

In addition, these targets are downloadable for free, so you can use them as many times as you want, and also share it with your friends and family. This allows you to save money on purchasing targets and also gives you the opportunity to try different designs to find the one that works best for you. More targets will be added to the pack in the future

In conclusion, our free downloadable archery targets are a great resource for archers of all levels. With a wide variety of designs to choose from, and the ability to print them out on a variety of paper sizes, these targets are the perfect way to improve your skills and have fun while doing it. Download your favorite targets today and get ready to improve your archery skills.

Instructions & Tips

       Right-Click Save and Print:

  • Right-click on the target image of your choice.
  • Select “Save Image As” and choose where to save the image on your computer.
  • Open the saved image and print it out on your printer

    Tips for Using Our Targets:
  1. Targets usually last and perform better if backed with a thin layer of cardboard prior to being attached to the archery target.
  2. The targets are all great for practising other target shooting sports and disciplines such as air guns, airsoft, slingshots, and crossbows.
  3. Laminate the paper target to improve its durability and protect it from water damage. Laminating the target will help to keep it in good condition for longer, and make it more resistant to tearing or damage from the elements. This can be done either by using a laminating machine or by using clear self-adhesive laminating sheets.
  4.  Retain used targets once replaced in order to easily track progress and improvement over time.
  5. Rotate the targets regularly to reduce wear and tear on a specific area.

  • Image Format: PNG (can be easily converted to jpg)
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.41: 1 (A1, A3, & A4)
  • File Size: Around 0.5Mb Each


Please note that our free downloadable archery targets are designed to be used in conjunction with a certified archery target, complete with an adequate backstop. We accept no responsibility or liability for any injuries or damage caused by the use of these targets. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that proper safety precautions and professional advice are followed at all times when practicing archery. By downloading and using these targets, you agree to take full responsibility for your own safety and the safety of others. We strongly recommend that you consult with a professional archery instructor before using these targets and that you always follow all safety guidelines and regulations when practicing archery.

Downloadable Archery Target Designs Images by Archery Pro

How to Make Paper Targets Last Longer

Archery Crosshair Targets Video by Charl Du Plessis

Archery Target FAQs

How far away is the Target in Olympic Archery?

In Olympic archery, the target distance is set at 70 meters (230 feet) for both men and women, as per the regulations of the International Archery Federation (FITA). However, there are other archery competitions where the target distance can be longer. In some outdoor field archery competitions, the target distance can range from 30 to 90 meters (98 to 295 feet) depending on the level of competition and the type of round being shot. Additionally, in some traditional or longbow archery competitions, the target distance can be even longer, sometimes up to 120 meters (393 feet).

How big is an Olympic Archery Target?

In Olympic archery, the target is 122 cm (48 inches) in diameter and is divided into 10 evenly spaced rings, with the innermost ring, or the “10” ring, measuring 12.2 cm (4.8 inches) in diameter. The outermost ring, or the “1” ring, is the largest and measures 122 cm (48 inches) in diameter. Each ring is worth a different number of points, with the innermost ring worth the most and the outermost ring worth the least.

Olympic Archery Target Points System

In Olympic archery, the target is divided into 10 evenly spaced rings, with the innermost ring, or the “10” ring, being worth the most points and the outermost ring, or the “1” ring, being worth the least.

Each ring is worth the following number of points:

  • 10 ring: 10 points
  • 9 ring: 9 points
  • 8 ring: 8 points
  • 7 ring: 7 points
  • 6 ring: 6 points
  • 5 ring: 5 points
  • 4 ring: 4 points
  • 3 ring: 3 points
  • 2 ring: 2 points
  • 1 ring: 1 point

It’s worth noting that the target face is divided into four colored zones which are used to indicate the scoring value of each ring. The gold colored innermost ring is worth 10 points, the red ring is worth 9 points, the blue ring is worth 8 points and the black ring is worth 7 points.

In Olympic archery scoring, the archer’s score is determined by the number of arrows that hit the target and the number of points earned for each arrow. The archer with the highest total score wins the competition.