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bow string length calculator
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Why the correct Bow String Length is essential

The correct bow string length is a crucial factor for any archer. There are several reasons why it is so important. Firstly, accuracy is greatly impacted by the string length. When the string is the proper size, it maintains the correct tension, ensuring that each shot is consistent and accurate.

Safety is another major concern when it comes to string length. If the string is either too short or too long, it can cause the bow to break, leading to injury. This makes it imperative for archers to use the correct string length for their bow.

In addition to accuracy and safety, the right string length also has an impact on the power and speed of the arrow. The right string length helps the bow perform at its full potential, increasing the speed and trajectory of the arrow. This results in improved shooting skills and better overall performance.

Finally, a consistent string length contributes to the overall consistency of each shot. This allows for improved practice and a more consistent shooting experience, leading to improved skills and better results. In conclusion, a properly sized bow string is critical for the performance and safety of a bow and arrow setup.

How to find the Perfect Bowstring Length

To find the perfect string length, you can follow these steps:

  1. Measure the bow: Measure the bow’s length from the bottom limb to the top limb, along the bow’s centerline. This measurement is called the bow’s AMO (Archery Manufacturers and Merchants Organization) length.
  2. Choose the correct string: Check the manufacturer’s specifications for the correct string length for your bow. The string should be close to the bow’s AMO length.
  3. Brace height measurement: Measure the distance from the bow’s grip to the string when it is at rest (braced), this is called the brace height.
  4. Add or subtract based on brace height: If your brace height is shorter than the manufacturer’s specification, subtract the difference from the AMO length to find the proper string length. If your brace height is longer, add the difference to the AMO length.
  5. Check the bow’s limb: Finally, check the bow’s limbs to ensure they are not touching the string when it is at full draw. If they are, the string is too short. If they are not touching, the string length is correct.

By following these steps, you can find the perfect string length for your bow, ensuring that it performs optimally and safely.

Bow String Length Calculator

How the Calculator Works

Our handy Bowstring Length Calculator utilizes a simple formula to quickly work out an approximate ideal bow string length based on a commonly followed rule within the archery community, remove 4″ from the total unstrung bow length. However, it is still highly recommended to consult an expert with experience with the particular bow in question before ordering a bowstring.

  1. Enter the total bow length in CM or Inches
  2. Ensure the appropriate unit is selected
  3. Hit Enter or Click Submit to reveal the approximate ideal Bow String Length

Video: How to Order the Correct Bowstring

How to Order the Correct Bow String Video by Kramer Ammons