Free Archery PDFs and Guides

Free Archery PDFs Archery Guides, Manuals and More If you are interested in learning about the sport, our page offers a curated collection of free Archery PDFs from across the web. These free resources will provide you with comprehensive information and resources. The PDFs cover a wide range of topics, from the basics of archery […]

Archery Books

Archery Books, eBooks and Audiobooks Archery Book Covers The written word in Archery Archery has been a popular sport for thousands of years, and with good reason. It requires patience, focus, and precision, making it both a challenging and rewarding experience. For those looking to improve their skills or simply learn more about the sport, […]

Bow Size Calculator

Archery Bow Size Calculator Archery Bow Length Image by Susanne Jutzeler What size bow do I need? To determine the correct size bow in archery, you need to consider two factors: draw length and draw weight. Draw length: This is the distance between the bow grip and the back of the arrow when it is fully […]

Archery Kinetic Energy Calculator

Archery Kinetic Energy Calculator Archery KE Calculator Image by Susanne Jutzeler What is Kinetic Energy in Archery and why does it matter? Kinetic Energy in archery refers to the amount of energy that an arrow possesses due to its Velocity and Mass or in other words, its Speed and Weight. It is an important concept […]

Archery FOC Calculator

Archery FOC Calculator Archery FOC Image by István Kis What is FOC and does it really matter? Arrow FOC (front-of-center) is an important aspect to consider when selecting an arrow for archery. It refers to the balance point of the arrow and is expressed as a percentage of the arrow’s length from the front end. The […]

Draw Weight Calculator

Bow Draw Weight Calculator Draw Weight Image by Hebi B Why the correct Bow Draw Weight is essential in Archery Correct bow draw weight is crucial for a number of reasons. Firstly, accuracy is vital in archery, and a proper draw weight ensures that the arrow is launched with enough force to fly straight and hit […]

Bow String Length Calculator

Bow String Length Calculator Bow String Length Image by Rihaij Why the correct Bow String Length is essential The correct bow string length is a crucial factor for any archer. There are several reasons why it is so important. Firstly, accuracy is greatly impacted by the string length. When the string is the proper size, […]

Draw Length Calculator

Draw Length Calculator Correct Draw String Length Image by StockSnap Why the correct Draw Length is essential The correct draw length is essential for a number of reasons. In archery, a bow’s draw length is the distance between the grip and the back of the arrow at the point of full draw, or the point […]

Paper Archery Targets Download

Downloadable Archery Targets Archery Crosshair Targets Image by Archery Pro Digital Download Archery Targets Our free downloadable archery targets are a great resource for archers of all levels, whether you’re just starting out or you’re an experienced competitor. With 12 different crosshair designs to choose from, you can find the perfect target to suit your […]

How to Wax a Bow String and Why

How to Wax a Bow String and Why? Archery Bow String Wax Image by Pexels Waxing a Bow String Waxing a bow string is important for several reasons. The main reason is to protect the string from the elements, including moisture and UV rays. When a bow string gets wet, it can stretch and lose […]