Archery Kinetic Energy Calculator

Kinetic Energy Calculator
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What is Kinetic Energy in Archery and why does it matter?

Kinetic Energy in archery refers to the amount of energy that an arrow possesses due to its Velocity and Mass or in other words, its Speed and Weight. It is an important concept in archery because it determines the amount of damage an arrow can inflict when it hits a target. Higher kinetic energy means the arrow will penetrate deeper into the target and cause more damage.

In archery, kinetic energy is influenced by two main factors: the mass of the arrow and its velocity. Heavier arrows and arrows with higher velocities have higher kinetic energy. This is why archers often use heavier arrows for hunting and choose arrows with high velocity for target shooting.

In addition to affecting the damage an arrow can inflict, kinetic energy also affects the trajectory of the arrow. Arrows with higher kinetic energy are less affected by wind and other external factors and will maintain a straighter trajectory than arrows with lower kinetic energy.

In summary, kinetic energy is a crucial concept in archery as it determines the effectiveness of an arrow when hitting a target and also affects its trajectory. Understanding and being able to calculate kinetic energy can help archers make informed decisions about the equipment they use.

How to measure Kinetic Energy

To calculate the kinetic energy of an arrow in foot-pounds, we need to determine the arrow’s mass and velocity, and then convert these values to the proper units.

First, convert the weight of the arrow from grains to kilograms. One grain is equivalent to 0.06479891 grams, so divide the weight of the arrow in grains by 7000 to convert it to kilograms.

Next, determine the velocity of the arrow in meters per second. The speed is given in feet per second, so you will need to convert this to meters per second. To do this, multiply the speed in feet per second by 0.3048.

With the arrow’s mass and velocity in kilograms and meters per second, respectively, we can now calculate its kinetic energy using the formula KE = 0.5 * m * v^2, where KE is the kinetic energy in joules, m is the mass of the arrow in kilograms, and v is its velocity in meters per second.

Finally, to convert from joules to footpounds, divide the kinetic energy in joules by 1.3558. The final answer will give you the kinetic energy of the arrow in foot pounds.

Archery Kinetic Energy Calculator

How the KE Calculator Works

Our handy Archery Kinetic Calculator utilizes the formula described above to quickly work out an arrow’s KE in ft lb based on a couple of simple measurements. The arrows speed in fps and weight in grain.

  1. Enter the Arrow’s Weight in Grains
  2. Enter the Arrow’s Speed in FPS (Feet per Second)
  3. Hit Enter or Click Submit to reveal the Arrow’s Kinetic Energy in ft-lb (Foot Pounds of Energy)

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